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Art Composition
Discover how a proper composition can make good art look great, and mediocre art look decent with this beginners art tutorial. It covers the basics of art composition and a link is provided for more advanced composition techniques also.
Digital Drawing and Painting
If you want to get started with digital drawing and painting, this art tutorial will get you going in a breeze. We'll have a look at the hardware and software needed, and cover the differences between working digitally and traditionally.
The Golden Ratio
If you are serious about your art, there is no way around the ancient rule of the golden ratio. Although thousands of years old, this rule is still highly valued by amateur and pro artists alike. This tutorial covers the basics of the golden ratio.
Perspective Drawing
Perspective drawing can seem intimidating to beginner artists, but with a little courage anyone can learn to add the power of perspective to their art. We'll cover the basics but a link to more advanced perspective drawing is provided also.
Art and Proportions
Mastering proportions in art can be quite difficult and time consuming. One of the major reasons for this is something called propotional blindness. In this tutorial you will learn to get it right much faster.
Drawing is Seeing
Train your eyes to see far more details in objects and subjects you wish to draw or paint. If you think you already see everything there is to see, this tutorial will definitely make you think twice.
Color Theory
Needless to say art wouldn't be the same without those wonderful colors. In this tutorial you will learn the basics of color theory, and gain full control of your palette. The tutorial also includes a free high quality printable colorwheel.
Painting With Acrylics
Getting started painting with acrylics is hardly a complicated matter, but before you get going I encourage you to read this beginners art tutorial. It covers the basics of acrylic paints, brush types, canvasses and more.
Scanning Traditional Art
Scanning art larger than your flatbed scanner was originally made to handle can be tricky and often the results are less than satisfying. This tutorial will teach you some neat techniques making each scan close-to-perfect.
Comic Book Coloring
In this two-part tutorial you will learn the basics of comic book coloring the way it's done by professionals. We'll use Photoshop for this tutorial, but the techniques covered can easily be applied in graphics apps like The GIMP.
Art Photography
Learn how to take great photographs of traditional art works with this intermediate tutorial. For this lesson you'll need the following: A camera (a simple point-and-click camera will do), traditional art to capture and a well lit room.
The Art of Story Writing
To write a great story an author has to lean against a variety of techniques to make his or her story successful. In this tutorial you will learn the basics of story writing, and hopefully come a few steps closer to writing great stories.
Making Custom Photoshop Brushes
Tired of those standard Photoshop brushes? With this intermediates art lesson you will learn how to make your own unique brushes, and discover a world of almost infinite brush making possibilities.
Drawing on The iPhone
If you own an iPod Touch or iPhone and love to draw and paint this tutorial is for you. Combine art and tech and live out your passion no matter where you are. We'll cover the gear needed and have a look at some great art apps also.
Wacom Inkling Precision Drawing
The Inkling was never designed for making precision drawings. It is however, still possible to make decently detailed drawings with the Inkling. A little compromising is all it takes and you're set to go.
Google Sketchup Papercrafting
Learn how to make 3D papercraft objects/figures using Google Sketchup. The models you make are unfolded inside the application, printed on paper, then cut out using scissors and finally re-assembled using glue/gluestick or scotchtape.